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About Us:

Radman Sanat Tat Engineering Co., with the Activity in Field of Analysis, Monitoring and Instrumentation Has a Close Collaboration with Most of Iranian Industrial Centers Such as Oil & Gas Companies Power Generation and Utility Plants, Petro Chemical Plants, Steel Factories, … on Providing Their Requirements.

●Portable and Fixed Gas Detection Systems

●Consultation and Procurement of Gas Analysis, Measurement and Monitoring System for Analyzing Different Gas Components in Various Applications, in Manufacturing , Quality Control, Combustion  Efficiency and Pollution Control.

●Consultation and Procurement of Industrial Online Water Quality Analyzer and Sensor for the Measurement and Monitoring of Parameters Such as pH, Conductivity, D.o.,  …  .

●Consultation and Supplying Common industrial Transmitters Such as Temperature, Pressure, D.P, Flow, Level, … Transmitters.

●Consultation and Procurement of Solenoid and Control Valves, Actuators, Positioners, …